General Terms & Conditions

Terms of Participation:

With the registration to the event, the buyer is oblidged to purchase and pay the ticket, regardless of the way of ordering. All Tickets are registered to individuals and only permit the named participants to join the festival.

There is no withdrawl of the registration based on german law § 312g Abs. 2 Nr. 9 BGB for contracts in relation to leisure time events with planing to fixed dates.


Please initiate the wire transfer immediately after purchasing the tickets, latest 14 days after the date of the order. In case the payment is received later than that date, we may need to inquire the difference to the next price level of the ticket.
We only accept cash for payment of tickets onsite (no 500€ bills)


We offer a goodwill service to cancel a ticket up to 30 Days before the start of the Festival. Please notice, that we will only be able to refund 50% of each Ticket due to pre-organization activities. We kindly ask for your understanding, that we cannot offer refund after that date due to the already initiated costs of the organization.


Please bring your ticket to the registration of the Festival with you . Each Ticket is assigned to an individual person and is only valid for that person. You may bring the ticket in printed version or digital (e.g. e-Mail) with you.
The Ticket will be sent to you by e-Mail approx. 30 Days in advance of the start of the Festival.
From 11 Nov onwards we will not send the tickets anymore but prepare them onsite to be taken (please authorize with an ID card)

The Change of the Name of a ticket (e.g. due to sickness) to transfer to another person requires a maintenance fee of 10 Euro.
Attention: This is only possible up to 1 week in advance of the Festival cannot be requested OnSite!

Transfer to the next year:

A Transfer of a FULLPASS to the next Year is possible with a mainteance price of 50€ and is only possible up to 1 week in advance of the Festival. No OnSite change is possible

Organizational changes:

In case required, we will be permitted to change elements of the festival with similar offers


The organizer is not liable for any personal damage to participants as part of this event.