Already many Years before the first festival in 2017, Maikel Santana had the idea to initiate a Dance Festival, focused on Reggaeton. This became even more interesting, since this Kid of music became more and more popular in europe and in various music streams.
After many years of teaching dance in the own dance school and speaking to plenty students, the request to demonstrate and teach reggaeton to a wider communicty of damcers, the target got closer and the idea became a face.
The special thing about this kind of dance is, that it is very attractive to studens in all ages due to the energetic music and dance focused students, which is creating a special atmosphere of lifestyle and easy-going.

First Festival 2017

In 2017, Maikel added 3 long-term students of his school, Leo, Mirjam and Gonzo to plan and design the first festival. It has been planed to invite various international artists to train and demonstrate various stiles of reggaeton.
In the first year, it has been a rapid way from the first idea in July until the festival in October, which did take a lot of effort to get the organization done.
During that time many events have been visited to show and explain the concept and finally 60 students joined the first festival and truely enjoyed the experience.

Second Festival 2018

After the great success in 2017 and various feedback from the participants, the team started to plan the new festival. This time bigger and larger than the first one due to the various requests to offer more workshops. Finally we extended the Festival to 2 Days and 2 Partys.
Due to the name of the festival we could attract more international Artists and we have been able to arrange our first live concert with Change King.
Additionally a reggaeton dance company has been founded, which got various invites to events and a music video. In 2018 already about 100 participants have joined our festival.

Third Festival 2019

Again in 2019 we have continued this festival with famous artists and fantastic students to celebrate a great time.

Fourth Festival 2020

Again in 2020 we will be continuing this festival, details will be posted...