This Event from 15-17 November has been completed.

Thanks a lot to our artists and participants, who made this festival to become special.

Pictures, videos and infos about this festival will be coming soon....

Currently our planing is underway for Reggaetonaso 2020, stay tunes....

About our Artists:

Freddy Clan

is an original from Cuba and now living in Hamburg, Germany. He and his Band "FClan" became internationally famous by producing many successful albums, as an example one with Havana D'Primera in 2013. The most famous Song is "Yo Vengo de Cuba". He has recently released his newest song called "Loca!!!" with Solangel.
He has been educated in modern dance and folclore and left the School ENA (Escuela Nacional de Arte) as best in his year and finished at ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte) with Diplom.
On top of his career as singer, Freddy teaches cuban dance styles at various festivals and is known as a skilled and motived trainer.
He has toured with various shows like "Lady Salsa", "Havana Rumba", "Kings of Salsa" and "Bar Buena Vista Social Club" as dancer and singer at various theatres in Europe, Asia, Afrika and Australia.
He does bring a lot of various skills in many dance styles to his workshops and will be a perfect value to our festival and will inspire us with his Live Konzert.

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Jorge Amado Perez Machado

He was born in 1982 and grown up with cuban music and has learned the world of drums and Polyrythms in an excellent way. He received a professional dance education at Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) and became a famous drummer and master of the religious Batá-Drums.
Amado knows how to teach the use of the complicated cuban rythms and to transfer them into expressive dance moves. As a member of the famous cuban Dance Group BanRará he impresses everybody with his brilliant dances and performances.
Meanwhile he started a career as singer and produced several songs.
We are happy to welcome Amado to our festival, performing a live concert on our first Party to start the festival.

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Julio Napoles

He studied dance, music and theatre at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Escenicas (National School for performing Art).
After finishing his studium, he has been part of one of the most famous Dance Companies in Cuba, the Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba. He masters various Styles like classic Ballet, Modern Dance, Cuban Folclore, Flamenco, Hip-Hop and other Street Styles.
In an earlier Dance Project, the Yoruba Dance Group, he combined Afro-cuban Dances with elements of Hip-Hop, Funk and Modern Dance. He currently lives in Barcelona and teaches his styles at various international Festivals.
We are happy to welcome him for the first time to our Reggaetonaso Festival, he is gonna rock....

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Roberto "Dale Play"

He is a young dance and choreograph, born in havana and moved to switzerland, where he now lives closed to zurich.
He started to combine various dance styles in a few dance crews, as an example Urban with Hip Hop, Reggaeton, RnB and Salsa.
He is working in europe ind a dance group as dancer and animateur. With his hot shows and unique moves he is heating up every festival.
Every student from 2018 can surrely remember and confirm, which fantastic energy he brought to the festival and the parties.
We are sure he will continue to do so this year and make the festival to a remarkable and enjoyable event.

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Solangel Fernandez

She is one of the most famous cuban dancers. Already at the age of seven years she received dance training at the ballett school „Prodanca Laura Alonzo“. With 15 she started at the school „Escuela Instructores de Arte“ in Havana.
Afterwards Solangel started studying at the Tropicana-School, where she worked together with Maestro Sergio David Calzado y su Charanga Habanera and made her first experience on shows and at the stage. From 2008 till 2010 she has danced in the "Grupo Mezcla Perfecta" and performed at the "Cubamemucho Festival" in Poland, Germany, Irland, Italy, Greece, Austria and Hungary.
2010 she toured through Greece with a brasilian dance group and worked in parallel with FCLAN Entertainment. in 2011 she joined the „Bar Buena Vista Social Club“ and worked with artists like Chacon Aspirina, Guillermo Rubalcaba, Maracaibo, Reinaldo Creas, Eric Turro Martinez and Siomara Valdez during a wintertour in Australa and Singapore.
In the years 2011 till 2012 she has been a singer in the famous cuban band "NG La Banda" with Jose Luis Cortes and worked with cuban stars like Lazarito Valdes y su Bamboleo, Azucar negra, Elito Reve y su Charangon, Francis del Rio, Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor, Alexander Abreu y su Habana de Primera, Los Van Van and many more…
She is an artist with lots of experience and influences who will turn our festival into something special.

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Diana Rodriguez

She is an unbelievable talented cuban dancer, currently living in Valencia where she has started a new dance education. Diana is travelling internationally a lot to perform her events and workshops.
She has received her dance education in cuban, folcloric as well in modern dance styles in Cuba. She has been the prima Ballerina of the group "Ballet Folklorico" and also a Dancer in the groups "Danza moderna" and "Danza Teatro del Caribe".
In the year 2005 she won the championship "Rueda de Casino in Cuba", in 2014 she mastered the first place in partner dance of the championsship "para bailar casino" and 2016 the teached at the famous Festival del Son.
We are happy to have her already the third time at our festival.

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Malena Foulkes

The artist Malena, originally from munich, is know not only known in the dancehall scene in germany but as well recognized internationally. She is dancer, choreograph, performer and dance trainer. She startet in 2014 with the Crew „Munixx Inna Motion“, which celebrated many successes meanwhile.
In the year 2016 the made the third place at the european Dancehall TOPUP-Contests, the won as well the international Stylish-Moves Contest. Since 2016 Malena is working as international dancer bekannt. Apart of performing many workshops in south-america, she has been seen in music clips from Bay-C (TOK), Lorna, Prado and Ding Dong.
Malena will bring the right passion of easy-live made in Jamaica to our festival...

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Lorena Lucia Legler

After completing a Dance Training in 2011 Lorena found her way of dancing by combining Dance and Fitness. She has developed plenty of different styles based on that. Initially she has started as Teacher for Kids Hip-Hop and Cheerleaders of the kids from the FC Bayern Munich Basketball-Team, however she couldn't resist the fascination of the latino music.
That was why she started to integrate these elements and developed further to become a Zumba instructor. After that she continued to dance and finally arrived at the Reggaeton, where the central element the hips are. So she started to learn twerking which she was driving to perfection. Today she is known for her famous Twerk Workshops, which let each Reggaeton Style look better and cooler.
Due to that, she has participated in several Music Videos and supported famous events (e.g. from Adidas) with chroegraphies and danced there herself.
We are happy to welcome Lorena the first time this year to our festival and believe that she will drive the hips of all students to the maximum....

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Maikel Santana

Maikel is the dance trainer and owner of Santana-Dance. Since 2008 he is living and working in munich in various roles as a dancer, dance trainer and choreograph. He has been educated in the great and famous "escuela tropicana" in Cuba and after that he was working in shows like "Havana Nights" and "Viva Cuba", travelling with those groups around the world in the years 2003-2007.
He has founded the "Santana Sance Company" and with various partners he is having shows at many events and festivals.
His enthusiasm about dance and music inspires all his students joining his trainings and events. Maikel enjoys to teach and to transfer his knowledge to his students and he does not stop to teach until every student continously becomes better. Based on his Idea, 2017 the Festival Reggaetonaso has been initiated in Munich.

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